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Congratulations to Kevin and Emily who are joining the board of directors for 2017-2018! Eligible voters: 1959 Votes cast: 288 Kevin Shin Number of votes: 158 Emily Huang Number of votes: 115 Timothy Park Number of votes: 26 Andrew Johnston Number of votes: 70 James Wei Number of votes: 50 Andrew Ding Number of votes: […]
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To cast you vote for the 2017-18 AFSA By-elections please go to: To view candidate profiles, please go to: Voting starts today (June 6th) and ends June 8th!
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The candidates for the 2017 and 2018 AFSA by-elections are out! Please see the link for a list of all the candidates and their platforms here! A reminder that voting will take place from Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 to Thursday, June 8th, 2017.
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Missed out on the AFSA 2017-2018 election? Don’t worry, there are still positions open on the AFSA BOD in the by-election! WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT POSITIONS I CAN RUN FOR? There are 2 elected positions on the Board of Directors. For a complete description of roles and responsibilities, refer to WHEN ARE THE DEADLINES? Sun […]
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The AFSA Elections committee and the AFSA Executive 2016-2017 team would like to welcome and congratulate the new AFSA & AFEF team for 2017-2018 AFSA Executive Team  President Votes cast: 430 Allen Wang Number of votes: 321 VP Finance Votes cast: 385 Claudia Voin Number of votes: 240 Yi Ling Wu Number of votes: 79 […]

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AFSA is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS). CABS brings together commerce societies similar to AFSA from universities across Canada and oversees the execution of multiple conferences which AFSA and our SAF students are stakeholders and participants in. AFSA has leveraged its CABS membership to learn about best practices from other members schools, which has led to the work on AFSA's Goes for Gold conference program, AFSA's potential commerce levy, and AFSA's potential standing as a student society within FEDS. AFSA has been a member since Spring term of 2013.