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AFSA is excited to be unveiling a new strategic vision commencing this 2013-2014 operating year. In light of a mass organizational vision revamp and an outdated logo and slogan, the AFSA 2013-2014 is glad to also unveil our new logo and slogan.

The slogan: At AFSA, we believe that the success and experience of every student can be maximized with the engagement and participation with as many peers as possible. We also truly believe in the power and resources our affiliates and partners play in the success of building a vibrant and engaged student community, and thus the AFSA 2014-2015 team felt it best that the words Building Success Together best identifies with our new operational vision and purpose.



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*Note: The AFSA reimbursement form must be completed in physical copy in order to receive a valid reimbursement. Email to coordinate the submission of the form.

Our Sponsors

AFSA is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS). CABS brings together commerce societies similar to AFSA from universities across Canada and oversees the execution of multiple conferences which AFSA and our SAF students are stakeholders and participants in. AFSA has leveraged its CABS membership to learn about best practices from other members schools, which has led to the work on AFSA's Goes for Gold conference program, AFSA's potential commerce levy, and AFSA's potential standing as a student society within FEDS. AFSA has been a member since Spring term of 2013.