Quick Find: Finance Focus

The Investors of Tomorrow Stock Pitch Competition

The Investors of Tomorrow is a student run charity whose goal is to expand financial literacy and socially responsible investing education across Canada. The IOT is proud to announce their flagship annual Stock Pitch Competition, a fantastic opportunity for students to compete and present in front of judges from the finance industry. This year, the […]

Code in Fnance Program

Two Sigma, Morgan Stanley, and Galatea Associates are running the Code in Finance Program to help students with quantitative backgrounds make sense of the wide variety of different opportunities to apply their skills in finance. Our sponsors have each prepared a short assignment reflective of the kinds of work done by analysts in the following verticals: Data science Quantitative strategy […]

Wall Street Prep: Financial Modelling Self-Study Programs

AFSA is now making Wall Street Prep available to students in 2A and above interested in finance for a nominal charge of $5. Wall Street Prep is a global investment banking training firm specializing in financial modelling self-study programs as well as e-learning modelling training. Students will be able to learn how to build financial […]

SAF Investment Fund: Front Office Finance Information Session and Student Panel Discussion

Have you ever wondered how the SAF Investment Fund works, what benefits it affords students, and how to apply? Are you interested in front office finance? Have you ever wanted to talk to students that have secured co-op job in investment banking or investment management? Are you curious about how students that have secured front […]

Investment Research Challenge: Stock Pitch Presentation

Come watch the judging and presentation of the annual investment research challenge on Friday July 18th. Anish Chopra IRC Awards – Top Prize: $2,000 There will be an industry judging panel as well as a networking opportunity.  

Our Sponsors

AFSA is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS). CABS brings together commerce societies similar to AFSA from universities across Canada and oversees the execution of multiple conferences which AFSA and our SAF students are stakeholders and participants in. AFSA has leveraged its CABS membership to learn about best practices from other members schools, which has led to the work on AFSA's Goes for Gold conference program, AFSA's potential commerce levy, and AFSA's potential standing as a student society within FEDS. AFSA has been a member since Spring term of 2013.